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Internationally recognized photographic artists Jack (California, USA and London based) and Skitz (London based) have worked together on several occasions and collaborated over many projects through the years. Their mutual respect and admiration of each others style and work sparked them to create “Joint Venture Photography”, where they can offer some of their work on-line and at the same time highlight and offer an outlet to other artists and amateur photographers they admire.

And of course there would be no "about us", if it weren't for Tom Slofkosky! Tom is not only a friend but a brilliant website designer and accomplished photographer in his own right. He created, designed, built and maintains not only this site but Jacks sister site at jackmartinphoto.com and our deepest thanks go out to Tom for all his work and patience while this site was under construction. We hope to convince Tom to share some of his photographic work on this site soon as well.

Until such time as we update the site with paypal or other options for purchasing their work, or if you just want to contact them, please write to us using the "contact us" tab in any screen. If you are interested in a guest artists work we shall pass that information on for you.

Best Regards JVP Staff

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